Maceo Jenkins

I find that it is pertinent to explain the reason behind this blog. The reasons are the following.

  • * I believe that it is best to do something in public. While there is a great deal of merit to be earned by perfecting one’s craft in the shadows. I do feel…

This is not one of them



Express, Inc. engages in the provision of apparel brand for both women and men. It offers apparel and accessories for work, casual, jeanswear, and going-out occasions. The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Columbus, OH.

Lackluster financials, poor fundamentals, but great returns.

Company Overview


Executive Summary: It is a good stock. Avoid for now, too much optimism. Wait until the dip occurs.


Herc Holdings, Inc., engages as a equipment rental suppliers. It operates through the United States, and International geographical segments. It offers equipment rental(Cars), used equipment sales, solutions, account management, and credit application. …


Maceo Jenkins

This is my opinion on potential investments. This does not count as financial guidance in anyway.

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